I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours…

  1. I love chocolate. Seriously. Get out of my way when the craving hits
  2. I have an addiction to Taylor Swift lyrics. She’s a literary goddess
  3. Once, when my husband demanded dinner, I threw a whole chicken at him. Frozen. He’s since forgiven me. And now cooks
  4. I like to dance. Didn’t say I was good at it, just that I like it
  5. I’m a little obsessive when it comes to editing. It might be a problem
  6. I’m a hopeless optimist, always seeing the cup half full. All but two days of every month, when hell breaks loose and water and cup are used to douse the fire
  7. I was a cat in another life. I hate being caged, wet, and cold. And I bite
  8. Terribly insecure, I’m my worst critic. No need to remind me of my flaws
  9. Writing a book is awesome. Writing a few is even better. But being a good mom, now that is something I am really proud of
  10. Every once and a while I say something funny. People usually chuckle, knowing I might not say anything humorous again for quite some time